Role Play Solutions

The theatre was created to tell people the truth about life and the social situation. Stella Adler

Role-play helps prepare clients and students for the unexpected. It improves their ability to be:
• confident
• focused
• emotionally intelligent
• empathic
• and adaptable.

Role-play also provides a unique opportunity for in-depth personal assessment from peers and course facilitators. Our team will also guide your clients through a process of self-reflection and feedback, which provides them with the opportunity to better assess their strengths and weaknesses.

Role-play has been proven to enable clients to:
• explore new ideas
• practice new skills
• and develop adaptability in crisis situations
all within a controlled environment.

An actors training enables them to recreate / create difficult situations and also react in character to the ideas and suggestions proposed. Our actors work with your clients to create a stimulating and challenging environment that resembles a real life scenario. Such an experience is invaluable and will better equip your clients to handle such situations in the future.

During a role-play, an actor stays ‘in character’ thus making the situations all the more realistic and effective. By using professional actors, we are able to create authentic and focused role-play scenarios that bypass the normal limitations encountered in internally created role-play situations, such as awkwardness and embarrassment.

Role-Play Briefs
You may wish to create a specific role-play brief that is tailored to the requirements of your particular course or training event. Role-play briefs / scenarios can be devised in collaboration with our professional consultants who come from a range of business, learning, psychological and creative backgrounds. We are always ready to work with you to design a customized brief.

Please contact us for further information about our Role Play Solutions.