Boundering – Experiential team building in real time fictions

Boundering is a custom designed team building program for clients with specific and demanding expectations from their corporate activities. The ‘event’ actively works to restructure participants’ perceptions of daily reality into a professional training tool and bonding experience.

Through the utilization of professional actors and members of the community guests are guided through a highly complex theatrical dramatization that occurs in the streets of your city.

Boundering seeks to blur the lines between reality and fiction. Teams on a boundering mission will encounter a multitude of situational puzzles and characters that will lead or distract them from the final goal.

Teams begin in a designated location in the city – they are given a set of instructions.

From this point participants are engaged in a race against time, in order to traverse the theatrical / city landscape each group must negotiate their way through a series of planned and accidental obstacles and encounters. Clues, puzzles, surprises, crazy characters and snap decisions will be encountered before reaching the end.

Boundering offers the opportunity for participants to step outside of the day-to-day hierarchy of the corporate environment while having the chance to re-investigate the cities and people they live and work with.

In concrete terms:
Participants might find themselves suddenly in the backroom of an Oriental rug shop – an argument breaks out between two men in Turkish – our teams are escorted out the back given an envelope and ask to enter a waiting car. At the other end of the ally another player beckons for them to join him and leave the idling vehicle. The group’s decisions made at this moment, in real time, in a high pressure situation will directly affect their ability to reach their end goal.

In Boundering there exist a multitude of choices for each individual participant and for each group. The experience offers team members the opportunity to work actively on leadership, teamwork and adaptability strategies.

Boundering is not only fun, it is epic. Our events are a highly rehearsed 4-5 hour experiential theatre journey, existing in the real world.

Supported by a convincing cast of characters, incredible locations and complex puzzles and planning, Boundering is an adventure, a shared experience – that promises to be shocking, challenging, and fun for everyone involved.

All Boundering events require two month advanced booking – as the individual program will be created, rehearsed and presented based on your company’s specific requirements.

Please contact us for further details of how to book your Boundering event.